Saturday, 19 May 2018

Tatty Devine Sample Sale 2018

This year's sample sale was in Shoreditch. I didn't spend much money but I love everything I did buy, which I am conscientious of! I picked up and put down many amazing handmade pieces, some likely one offs, I regret not buying a statement piece and some jewellery with silver chain but I'm grateful (and also it gives others the chance to choose their favourites!). 
I bought two of the berry pendants as I can use the other one for earrings. Simple and elegant. As you can see I was feeling nature inspired!
 The dragon fly earrings are like a mock ivory, very pretty and will coordinate well. The bracelet is my favourite piece as I love the tortoishell chain, these are light to wear and don't tarnish. Tatty Devine is a great business run by women, it's one of the few brands I do wear.
A new brand I've come across providing lasercut jewellery, handmade from France: Jules et Lily. I have been selling off my jewellery collection over the weekends and replacing with careful pieces that are handmade and complement my clothes best. These new sparkly gold mirror pieces look gorgeous with navy and white, my predominate colours.  American eagle pendant amd a complementary pin for jackets or shirt pockets. I took these photos early morning in the golden light. 
Jule et Lily moon earrings + pendant purchased from Lottie and Lu previously. I really like glitter acrylics and the longer length chain for the moon pendant.
I've ordered a new camera so hoping this will mean fewer deleted out-of-focus photos and I can take sewing photos in lower lights too - a useful specification to look for when purchasing a camera in England. 

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Itch to Stitch Nottingham Tshirt

Itch to Stitch Nottingham - The new pattern from Itch to Stitch!
I adore the hippy free spirit of this top so much. I am considering sewing up other patterns (brasov wrap top) with the sleeves as they highlight your elegant lower arms in a pretty way. The sleeves are joined at the top seam and the notches only - this rotated sleeve was a new technique to me. I doubt I will ever sew the plain sleeves with it as the flutter sleeves are awesome! Fabric is Viscose Lycra from John Lewis (Spendlove Peacocks in blue, £12/metre). This print is slightly darker than my previous peacock print tshirt, I had to change thread colour.
The origami style knot was new to me too. The fabric gathers at a soft pool on the inner hip, no awkward front bump or unraveling of ties or knots pulled too tight. The twist is wrapped before sewing the side seams. The instructions were very helpful to suggest which sides to overlock/zigzag as this marked which to stitch together first, it was made even easier by choosing a fabric that is distinguishable from the right and wrong side (my fabric is white underneath). It looks fancy but it's simply wrap-over-wrap-under.  In addition to the sleeve template, you could trace the knot front hem onto add to any existing jersey tops to turn the style up a  notch. I sewed size 6 shoulder/bust, graded in at the waist and out at the hip. If you don't like a high neckline, balance it out with a long pendant or draft in a v neck or slash boatneck - maybe the Uvita neckline would work for this? The modest neckline with the sleeves reminded me of 1930s/1940s blouses. 
Itch to Stitch Nottingham  Currently 20% off this week. A useful staple with gorgeous features!

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

SStutter Owl - Henley Bikeride

I took a half day at work and cycled to Henley. We took the long route from up the river in Reading, to Wargrave - Twyford - Henley (10 miles) and then the direct route through Shiplake and Caversham, this route was 7 miles of smooth road passing colourful fields of yellow and green. Managed some photos of one of the UK-handcrafted SStutter owls I ordered last month. This colourway is 'Marble'.
Bridge near Marsh Lock, Henley. You can take a boat trip for just £10 from Henley at approx. 2.30pm each day, unfortunately we just missed it, it would be a lovely thing to do on a  clear day like this.
I also took a photo of the Maypole necklace by Tatty Devine! Bought this in the 30% off May sale. It has gorgeous pastel colours and a clever ribbon design. This is the smaller version.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Itch to Stitch - Danube Denim Skirt

I was so excited when Itch to Stitch released a testing call for the Danube denim skirt. This style skirt I wear most days at work. I also had a favourite pink skirt I left in France, my first thought was 'now I can sew these'! My fabric is from an Ikea trip last year, I had planned to make a an 80s' style denim jacket from it but I'm glad I used it for this pattern, I had booked my beach weekend on the photos deadline and this fabric has a ocean waves feel to it.
All I had to purchase was a 6cm white/gold zip and silver metal buttons. The skirt is designed to fit your waist so don't forget to grade the hip if different sizes, I used a size 2 waist approx and size 8 hip approx - I will use a 7cm or 8cm zip on my next Danaube skirt and adjust the zip fly piece accordingly so the skirt will pull on more easily. 
Gorse flower bushes in Bournemouth.
I really enjoyed the topstitching and the zip fly sewed with no hitches. I cut the fabric on one evening, then sewed the skirt with one break aside from pressing seams as you go! This classic shape is a wonderful base for adding your flair and making the skirt your oyster! There were some great embroidered back pockets by other testers.
 British Seaside - it was still cold!
Then I picked out the inky line design with a monochrome collar necklace (Miss J Designs).
Danube Jean Skirt Features: -Slim fit straight skirt -Side slits for walking ease and style -Straight waistband that sits at natural waist -Classic five pockets and fly-front zipper -Back yokes for back shaping -Optional rivets for reinforcement and as decoration -Optional belt loops It's a timeless piece that doesn't go out of style! Get your copy while it is 20% off 

Union St Tee - Peacock

Union St Tee - Hey June Patterns. I purchased this pattern/muslined last summer, this version has an improved fit and has an added FBA (included in the download). I purchased the peacock feather jersey from John Lewis with the intention of sewing a tried and tested jersey-project. The combination of a relaxed tshirt and busy print reminds me of a tshirt I used to wear - dad's tshirt from the 1970s!
My earrings are Miss J Designs. I wore them on a very bumpy bike ride and one of them spun round but I didn't notice in the photos as I looked afterwards! The triangles suited the angular look of the V neck. Pendant is Tatty Devine La Luna in gold mirror, 
I wasn't sure which side up this fabric is - either way looks good!  This spendlove peacock print jersey also comes in blue tone, £12/m: John Lewis. I think this top only uses 1 metre, so it's worth using a nice fabric once you have your fit right. I haven't purchased any fabric for a while, but I love this print so much I want to go for the other colourway too.
I plan to sew this top again in white cotton jersey with the front pocket. I am wearing last year's sewing for summer clothes at the moment! Ladybird charm necklace I made this bank holiday.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Miss J Designs - Modern Art Jewellery

I am inlove with the statement Miss J pieces! It's always exciting to discover something new and I gave up highstreet shopping years ago to support handmade / independent designers. The glamourous Gold Mirror Varvara Necklace: At first I wasn't sure how the gold mirror (as opposed to matte) would look on a statement piece, I've taken the photos from a few angles to show how it reflects the light. Also, you can't tell from a photograph, but these necklaces are flexible so they aren't rigid to wear.
Black Arrow Chevron Earrings - I blogged the Varvara monochrome necklace here and very happy to add the black and white earrings to my outfits as they will go with everything. I love how sharp the design is. 
The Flowers Necklace is based on Andy Warhol. The longer length chain balances the statement flowers and colour away from directly under your face so I think it's a statement jewellery option for those like myself who typically wear pendants. The black/gunmetal chain also keeps a flower design from looking 'sweet'/twee. I'm not an art connoisseur (I took Art & Design Fine Art at sixth form college, and then a printmaking course after university!!) it appeals to me because of the bright and bold flower power.  Close up of the large sample-sale Mary Poppins umbrella brooch.
*Theatrical jewellery from Lottie & Lu: Miss J Designs (made in UK) Pierrot clow and thespian mask.

Monday, 30 April 2018

Mimi Blouse - Oxford

I booked today off so I went on a bikeride in Oxford, by the river in Port Meadow / Jericho, it was wonderful to be in the fresh air and the bluebells are out. This shirt I made last November. I feel good in gingham, it's fresh and understated. I just love all the vintage details on this Tilly and the Buttons Mimi Blouse.
Tatty Devine thunderstorm earrings (couldn't photograph these as it was so windy!) and thunderstorm pendant.
Tatty Earrings:-
Here it is untucked - this only looks good with trousers or jeans!