Sunday, 20 December 2015

Oxford Rose S1202 Blouse & Sew Bag

This bag is from a previous addition Cath Kidston book. 
Have some mud.
2nd version of Simplicity 1202 in Cath Kidston Autumn Winter 2015 cotton sateen. This size is still roomy - perhaps a drapey fabric is better. I used a purple grapes button and olive green ribbon. All seams are folded under. I double folded and topstitched the sleeve hem before attaching them as I knew it would fit. The neckline is self bias bound, which worked well for my first version too.

The book comes with the fabric cut to make the shoulder bag and I ended up cutting around the templates on a new canvas fabric so I can make it again without having to measure the dimensions. There aren't diagrams for every step like with a traditional pattern and the text is white on pale green so it is hard to read (the latest book is readable). I also decided to add a lining, blue polysatin, and sew the label on by machine before sewing the bag using blue thread on the very edge. It's pretty to hold your threads, zips and whatnot. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

S1590 1940s Blouse Batik

1940s shirt from Simplicity 1590 pattern & quilting cotton. (*Outfit photos, March)
 Victorian bridge in central Reading (1839). It looked like a painting inside.

Collarless blazer Linea, House of Fraser sale / sold out.  Diamante necklace Alan Hannah (sale)  Jon Richard tennis bracelet (sale).

The blouse was too big choosing the size at the bust measurement so I took in the darts and sides to fit and rejoined at the peplum.  I used buttons in a wood-marbled colour that I found in a £2.50 multipack beige/brown. Folded at back collar. I chose a coffee coloured batik leaf print cotton (£7-8/m, Henley) x 1.5m. I decided on copper taffeta for the facings with self fabric for the curved part which attaches to the necklike and fusible interfacing for the rest (which wasn't so fusible on taffeta).

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Harcourt Arboretum

We only visited the Harcourt-Arboretum section and not the meadows as my friend had to work in the afternoon. Upon arrival you are greeted by peacocks of petrol blue. I forgot to capture his plumage but look at that gorgeous velvet neck!..

Autumn leaves in by Alice :D

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Eucalyptus Dress

Eucalyptus (UK brand) Georgia dress. 
I love everything abut this dress, especially the low hemline. It feels 40's vintage but not in a pastiche way. It has military features but looks ultra feminine and almost fairy-like.
Eucalyptus dresses: Rock my Vintage / Weekend Doll.  
Totally posing for my photos.

Had to snap photos with the hay bails still out.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Purse for Essential Oils & Pumpkin Festival

I bought my friend a thank you gift and he wanted a beard/skin softening oil. The brand is Oliver & Jenkinson  based in Manchester.  To Make the Purse  - I cut around the oils for the front piece with the inkpot as my focus, then I folded to make sure the edges were symetrical. I left vertical space for a flap on the next position of fabric and finished the raised top curved. I had the perfect canvas fabric with calligraphy pots, the neutral tones also matched. I watched a tutorial on how to make a cushion with piping, which I plan to make from this fabric too.
I lined it in green taffeta. I would understitch next time. I sewed the lining first, then the canvas, then and added a tiny zigzag to all edges. Then I sewed it to the lid and reversed for an invisible edge, making sure the raw edges of the fabrics touch. I folded, pinned and sewed the last edge. I used navy thread and a black 2cm button.
Oxford Christ Church
'Darling' blouse pearl drop (London brand). 
Pumpkin Festival, Berkshire.
Mapledurham farm and estate.
Down a dirtpath adorned with blackberries, crab apples and sloeberries to Whitchurch, 2 1/2 mile Long Lane....
 The gardens are at Harwick Estate.... GMO free zone. I had a green juice as the vegan pumpkin tart had sold out (quite right!)
 Buttercup Squash! Event hosted by Tolhurt Organic.
Jack-be-little Squash