Monday, 30 January 2017

Vientiane Skirt & Toaster 1

Itch to Stitch Vientiane-skirt (November) and Sew House 7 Toaster 1.
The roomy turtleneck neckline is flattering either folded in half, slouched, or upright, it depends on the fabric and I was wearing a teeny sterling silver necklace which flops over the top.

I love this skirt and it works just as well with a sporty top as it does with a smart shirt or pretty blouse. The flare of the skirt makes it easy to walk, play with the dogs and cycle in!
I originally purchased the 'vanilla pod' cotton jersey for a Hepburn turtleneck last February but then folded it away and forgot about it,  It's soft and easy to coordinate. Size M.
Toaster 2 Tshirt in lightweight jersey. I topstitched both of the facings on this one and 1cm from the fold of the neckline to keep it sharp.

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