Monday, 20 March 2017

Lisbon Cardigan

I sewed the regular bodice Lisbon + full length sleeves in size 4 graded to 6 hip and the bottom band is a size 6. I took 1cm off the neckband which gathers the fabric a little. I used 23mm olive green tortoiseshell buttons and the guide for 2cm buttons as my button foot creates too much space. I fused another layer of (light to medium woven)  interfacing to the underneath and tore off after cutting the button holes. I had to zigzag stitch the other side of the buttonholes as the buttonhole foot stopped at the turn. I used ten buttons rather than the seven button guide. I ordered them on ebay (20 for £3.80). I topstitched the seams with a zigzag stitch which makes all the difference for a traditional cardigan appearance. The difficult part was topstitching each side of the arm seams, which join nicely to the side seam stitching, and the pressed-up seam allowance on the sleeve cuffs took some manoeuvring. 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mila Shirt - Lawn

Oxford Canal.
Oxford Canal. Godstow Abbey.
Mila Shirt - Itch to Stitch PDF Sewing Pattern - Ideal transitional shirt for spring

I decided on sleeveless for this floral print after cutting the sleeves because I don't wear prints very often, but I think the sleeves version would be cool in denim chambray given that the 90s seems to be in fashion again!

I used polycotton lawn and glossy brown tortoiseshell buttons. The fabric is the same each side in a charcoal grey dye. I used a very dark grey thread/bobbin. I sewed size 4C which was accurate.  The stiff medium weight interfacing kept the shirt collar sharp and topstitching looks smart. I love the collar! It is a nice width and all the details together make it an interesting 'proper' shirt to sew.

I cut the bias tape diagonally, pressed one side at 1cm, sewed the raw edge to the wrong/reverse side of the shirt and flipped to the front to encase the raw edges, and edge stitch down. 
Mila Shirt   - Itch to Stitch. Popover shirt with button placket and collar stand.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Newport Top - Itch to Stitch

Sportswear luxe is said to be a trend for 2017 Spring/summer! Test version - white medium weight tshirting with light knit interfacing. I adore this sweater, it's so fresh to wear. I have sewn size 4 with 3/4 sleeves.
Photos in an area shielded from the wind, on the beach in Bournemouth.
This version is not tacked down at the neckline and the final neckline is wider.
I found the sewing easy to put together when you mark the notches with pins and use wonder clips to ease the arm into the armscyce.
Little Fallon stayed at the hotel for an extra £10!
Newport Top - Itch to Stitch PDF Sewing Pattern  After making a tshirt, I went for a sweater! Loop backed sweatshirt French terry fabric from Fabric Land UK £4.99/m in oatmeal. I sewed the 3/4 sleeve size 4 and it used less than 1.5 metres.
Took these photos in Oxford on a long walk. I needed something cosy and easy to wear.