Monday, 20 March 2017

Lisbon Cardigan

I sewed the regular bodice Lisbon + full length sleeves in size 4 graded to 6 hip and the bottom band is a size 6. I took 1cm off the neckband which gathers the fabric a little. I used 23mm olive green tortoiseshell buttons and the guide for 2cm buttons as my button foot creates too much space. I fused another layer of (light to medium woven)  interfacing to the underneath and tore off after cutting the button holes. I had to zigzag stitch the other side of the buttonholes as the buttonhole foot stopped at the turn. I used ten buttons rather than the seven button guide. I ordered them on ebay (20 for £3.80). I topstitched the seams with a zigzag stitch which makes all the difference for a traditional cardigan appearance. The difficult part was topstitching each side of the arm seams, which join nicely to the side seam stitching, and the pressed-up seam allowance on the sleeve cuffs took some manoeuvring. 
I also re-made the dress as I don't like me in red! I ordered the Pattern Review Lillian Dress pattern (£7.80 converted to sterling) because it was an excuse to sew with lace or contrast.
I added length to the front and back, but made the back slightly longer as I feel this is more flattering and I have a swayback.
Blue and white cotton floral jersey which I purchased immediately when my local fabric shop acquired it! I really love blue/cream or ivory dainty florals White stretch floral lace, it's lightweight so it shows up more of the pattern rather than the lace detail.

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