Saturday, 17 June 2017

Lilian Dress - PR

'Inspired by the dynamic Lillian Weber - the woman who sewed more than 1000 dresses to benefit Little Dresses for Africa, PatternReview will donate 20% of the proceeds from the sale of this pattern to the charity Little Dresses for Africa.' . I ordered the Pattern Review Lillian Dress pattern (£7.80 converted to sterling) because it was an excuse to sew with lace or contrast.
I added length to the front and back, but made the back slightly longer as I feel this is more flattering on me. Also make sure you sew from the bottom of the insert to the top as my inserts ended up longer?
Blue and white cotton floral jersey which I purchased immediately when my local fabric shop acquired it! I really love blue/cream or ivory dainty florals White stretch floral lace, it's lightweight so it shows up more of the pattern rather than the lace detail.
I think this dress would be lovely for a dress down Friday given that cotton jersey is very tshirty but it's also a simple and smart shape.  I want to try ruffle shoulder sleeves with this dress. You could also tape the insert to the front and use it as a staple jersey dress pattern.

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